For nearly 20 years, Maggie Grey’s Workshop on the Web (WoW) has been an innovative online magazine for all textile enthusiasts. The great news is that WoW is now a book. But not just a book as all who buy it will gain free access to the WOWbook Members’ Club. Here, you’ll find more workshops by great artists, videos showing new techniques, Maggie Grey’s online course, a selling gallery and access to the ‘members only’  Facebook pages.

Wowbook December 2017 cover

Wowbook December 2017 cover

WOWbook December 2017

In this issue:

  • Hilary Beattie is working with print, paint and stitch
  • Laura Edgar brings us landscapes with machine and hand embroidery
  • Angie Hughes covers a multitude of techniques in a small panel
  • Caroline Bell lets us into the secrets of Eco-dyeing
  • Maggie Grey is working on a mixed media narrative vessel
  • Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn speak to Samantha Packer about their work
  • We have a special extra on Hero Products and how to use them, with Amanda House

Bought the book? Go to the Members’ Club (for the extras) with the book to hand for the password. See you there!

Coming soon: WOWbook 2.

Click the pics below for more details of the superb artists who will be writing workshops for the June issue.

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June WOWbook imminent

In June, we will have a new twist on Nuno felting from Clare Bullock, colourful hand stitching from Sue Dove and melting mixed media with Marian Jazmik. Linda and Laura Kemshall are making amazing books and Alysn Midgelow-Marsden covers a world of fascinating techniques. Plus, big scoop for us, the fabulous Diane Bates and her Painted Lady Costume Collection.

The FREE Members’ Club

You’ve all loved the Members' Club in the WOWbook. It’s better than ever in WOWbook 2 and all free when you buy the book. There are extra workshops, videos and Maggie Grey's Multi-coloured WOW Course. In WOWbook 2, we move on from colour to explore texture and structure in more detail. No doubt the Member's Facebook group will be as lively and supportive as before.