Angie Hughes has written a brilliant article for us in the WOWbook. However, she had lots of other ideas as well, so readers will be able to find out more in an online workshop. She is working with transfer paints, innovative braids, water-soluble stitching and transfer foil. You will also find articles from Maggie Grey and we look at some great work by Julia Caprara. We will also have a review of Jan and Jean’s new DVD.

The amazing Sherrill Kahn is just one of the writers waiting for you in the members’ club. A long-time favourite of WoW members she has written a fabulous workshop on the magic of chalk pastels – a brand new technique, just for us. You can see one of her pieces on the left.

You will find a workshop from Paula Watkins, too, on making an altered book with bees as a design source. That one has a video to go with it. We are planning lots more videos. Yes, go to the Members’ Club and we’ll really be buzzing!

We will be adding further articles in the future.

The password is in the book.


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