work by Hilary BeattieWork by Laura Edgar

Laura Edgar has produced moody landscapes from vintage fabrics. You can see the result in the pic on the left. It’s a great way to use up your stash: pieces of lace, chiffon, silks etc. can all be included in your work. Laura tells us how to balance the piece, how to add stitch, maybe even bring in some water-soluble fabrics for special effects.

On the right, you can see the results of Hilary Beattie’s stencil techniques. She has a marvellous way of overprinting stencilled papers and fabrics. Her article contains so much information about painting, stencilling, dyeing and the mechanics of putting together all of these to make a coherent piece.

Angie Hughes has produced a wonderful workshop. Her small panel contains so many great ideas: water-soluble fabric for braids, transfer-dyeing  for backgrounds in addition to zapping, gilding and soldering  techniques.


Caroline Bell has used eco-dyeing in a new way to produce paper work which combines with hand stitching to give delicious results. This technique has so many possibilities and can also be used with fabric.

Maggie Grey has looked at three-dimensional work. Her vessel is based on designs from rock-paintings and the laminated fabric technique that she uses has lots of possibilities for  other work, such as panels and book covers.