The book is just the beginning.

The book is just the beginning. Maggie Grey’s WOWbook is a new concept where the workshops in the book are enhanced by the complementary website which contains bonus workshops written by some of our leading textile artists, such as Sherrill Kahn and Angie Hughes – see below. Also in the Members’ Club you will find great videos, including an in-depth one by Lynda Monk featuring Tyvek techniques and Maggie extending her section in the book by showing the construction of a small panel. We also review books and videos.

The Members’ Club will continue to expand with new workshops and videos right up to the next book in June, after which, it will be archived as a back issue which you will always be able to access.

The password for the Members’ Club is contained in the book. Buying the book also gives you access to our lively Facebook group. All included in the price of the book.