For nearly 20 years, Workshop on the Web (WoW) was an innovative online magazine for all textile enthusiasts. The great news is that WoW is now a book. But not just a book, as all who buy it will gain free access to the WOWbook Members’ Club. There, you’ll find more workshops by great artists, videos showing new techniques, Maggie Grey’s online course, an online Gallery featuring work by our WOWies from the WOWbooks, together with access to our members-only Facebook group.

WOWbook 04 cover

book cover

WOWbook 04 with Guest Editor, Lynda Monk

In this edition:

  • Sue Brown makes an impression with her method for gum arabic transfer printing
  • Wendy Dolan creates a colourful Gaudi-inspired panel using layered fabrics, paint and stitch
  • Anne Hellyer has double-vision with her appliquéd and machine embroidered seaside village
  • Amanda Hislop shows us the folding forms for her printed and stitched abstract tree landscapes
  • Anne Kelly transforms a pre-loved sewing box with collage, in memory of her grandmother
  • Our ‘Inspired by’ feature continues with the letter ‘B’. Textile artists Carolyn Saxby, Suzette Smart, Janette Bright, Shirley Sherris and Rachael Singleton show us the inspiration behind their work
  • In our celebrity interview, guest editor Lynda Monk talks to Sandra Meech about her work.

In the free online Members’ Club, Guest Editor Lynda Monk talks us through how she creates her samples. There is an accompanying video. Sandra Meech is using drawings, paintings and photographs collaged together as a starting point for a stitched textile piece. Our ‘Book Looks’ reviews publications by contributors Anne Kelly, Wendy Dolan and Sandra Meech.

More content will be added to the Members’ Club throughout the coming months. Maggie’s Course will be continuing with some great new ideas for using texture in mixed-media work.

Bought the book? Go to the Members’ Club (for the extras) with the book to hand for the password. See you there!

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WOWbook 04

In this latest WOWbook, we have step-by-step articles by some really wonderful artists. Sue Brown introduces printing using gum arabic while Wendy Dolan builds up a colourful panel inspired by Gaudi. Anne Hellyer creates a typical seaside village with stitch. Amanda Hislop produces folded forms to display her abstract landscapes. Anne Kelly transforms a vintage sewing box with collage. Our Inspired by article continues with the contributors sharing their work under the letter ‘B’. Lynda Monk talks to Sandra Meech for our star interview.

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Part of the strength of the WOWbook lies in the Members’ Club. Hosted on this website, all who have purchased the book receive extra online workshops and videos, book and exhibition reviews, etc. Also included is Maggie Grey’s Multi-coloured WOW Course. The members-only Facebook group has been a great success in encouraging participation that goes far beyond the book, as has our online Gallery where we show work you have created from the WOWbooks.