For nearly 20 years, Workshop on the Web (WoW) was an innovative online magazine for all textile enthusiasts. The great news is that WoW is now a book. But not just a book, as all who buy it will gain free access to the WOWbook Members’ Club. There, you’ll find bonus workshops by great textile artists, videos showing new techniques, and the occasional book or product review. Plus Lynda Monk’s Marvellous Mixed Media course and an online Gallery featuring work by our WOWies, together with access to our blog and members-only Facebook group and blog.

WOWbook 08 cover

book cover

WOWbook 08 with Guest Editor, Lynda Monk

In this edition:

  • Bev Caleno creates a mixed-media landscape using watercolour paint and stitch
  • Maggie Grey reflects on the work of textile artist Olga Norris
  • Fran Holmes makes heat-distressed 3D mini corsets with Lutradur
  • Sam Packer talks to Anne Kelly about her work in our celebrity interview
  • Sheila Mortlock is monoprinting to create stitched collages
  • Suzette Smart shows us her textile books using paint, Bondaweb and stitch
  • Ros Varrie uses digital apps to make unique artwork.

In the free online Members’ Club

  • Anne Kelly makes a folk inspired sketchbook cover
  • There’s a taster ‘Play and Stitch’ workshop from Emma Wigginton
  • Video – Emma Wigginton’s ‘Play and Stitch’ Video to accompany her taster workshop

More content will be added to the Members’ Club throughout the coming months, including the last Module of Lynda’s Marvellous Mixed Media course on working with Tyvek.

Bought the book? Go to the Members’ Club (for the extras) with the book to hand for the password. See you there!

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WOWbook 08

In this latest WOWbook, we have step-by-step articles by some wonderful textile artists. Bev Caleno is building-up a mixed media landscape with watercolour paint, Tyvek and stitch, Fran Holmes makes heat-distressed 3D mini corsets using Lutradur, beading and stitch, and Sheila Mortlock uses simple monoprinting for collage. Suzette Smart creates concertina books with paint, Bondaweb and stitch, and Ros Varrie makes the most of digital apps to make unique artwork. In our celebrity interview, Sam Packer talks to Anne Kelly about her work and in our special feature, Maggie Grey rediscovers the work of the late Olga Norris.

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Part of the strength of the WOWbook lies in the Members’ Club. Hosted on this website, all who have purchased the book receive bonus online workshops and videos, book and product reviews. Look out for the last part of Lynda’s Marvellous Mixed Media course – coming soon. Also the members-only Facebook group has been a great success in encouraging participation that goes far beyond the book, as has our online Gallery where we show the fantastic work you have created from our WOWbooks.