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In this edition we have:

  • Appliqué with a soldering iron from Margaret Beal
  • A great idea for machine embroidery from Carol Coleman
  • Sketchbook to stitch with printing blocks from Jan Evans
  • Maggie Grey’s techniques for needle-felting cover the decorative and practical
  • Adele Thomas and Dee Priest are excited by SolarFast printing
  • Sam Packer talking to Cas Holmes: some fabulous work here
  • Extra feature: we look at what inspires some of our best-loved artists

In the free online Members’ Club, we find Amo House with more ideas for the Embellisher machine, a welcome from Cas Holmes and further insights into her local environment and the work that it inspires. Well-loved antipodean textile artist Dale Rollerson has some fabulous ideas for you.

More content will be added to the Members’ Club throughout the coming months.

Maggie’s Course will be continuing with new ideas – focusing on backgrounds and what to put on them, building textiles from the bottom up.

The password for the Members’ Club is in the book.

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