Or should that be beginning of an era? I can’t believe that we are saying farewell to Workshop on the Web and hello to the WOWbook. We started WoW so many years ago and I am so chuffed that so many of our original WoWies are still with us. I do have to say that big hugs and thanks are due to Sam Packer, Amo House and most of all Fiona Edwards because without their help it would have disappeared long ago. I have been looking through the back issues and there are so many highlights. Here are a few from recent issues:

Isobel Moore caught everyone’s imagination with her spirals in March this year. She also has a piece of work in the Gallery  on this site.













In March 2015 Ann Small wrote about the bone people. I really wanted to try this but a serious incident was narrowly avoided when Smudge found my boiled bones. Luckily I caught him in time. Still love these figures though.

I have written so many articles over the years but the last one, playing with shadow work using stencils and Lutradur, is one of my favourites and I am still exploring these techniques – now using my die cutter for the shapes. At the time, Fiona and I were trying to finish the final issue of WoW, building up the new website and finishing off the book. I think we both had serious doubts about our ability to get it all together.


I expect I will be writing another article on the ‘trapping’ technique for one of the online workshops in the new members’ club


I was very taken with this article by Sarah Waters and I did make a collar, which I liked. I used the embellisher machine to add a bit of decoration and one day, when I find it in the workroom (terrible mess), I will show you.


So many workshops – so many techniques. So many more yet to be explored with the new venture – very, very soon.

End of Era