We’ve had an amazing d4daisy week with the new book. We told ourselves that WOWbook 02 would be a quiet launch, as it’s summer-time and we didn’t think that we would match the Christmas launch of the first WOWbook. But it has overtaken it and it has been a frantic, yet wonderful week. Thank you everyone who has said such lovely things on our Facebook page. In addition to all the goodies in the book we have already got some offerings on the Members’ web site and one of them is this Kozo bark treescape that I made. I had such fun and Fiona is already responding to requests for a materials kit. Out very soon, folks.


While Fiona has been busy trundling her wheelbarrow to the post office, I have been slaving over my sewing machine making a concertina book. Some of you will recall that I had been moaning about the fact that my workroom has recently shrunk. This is, in fact, a well known phenomenon and several others have experienced shrinking workroom syndrome. Clive, in panic mode because he feared that his study (known as the growlery as he sits at his desk and growls at politicians on the radio) might be in danger, suggested that we get a new desk and set my machine up in the conservatory. It is lovely not to keep having to put the machine away and the light is so good in there – although it is a trifle warm, sometimes.

In fact, having finished the book, I got my embroidery unit out and found some designs on a USB stick. So that is tomorrow’s excitement. I’m not sure that any of our computers will run the old software so I might look out for an update. Watch this space.



Finally I just had to show you this piece by Lorraine Fitches. She made it from Angie Hughes’ instructions in the first WOWbook. Isn’t it wonderful? Our private Facebook Group is such fun and so inspiring.



WOW. What a week

3 thoughts on “WOW. What a week

  • June 15, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    Aaaah ha, I notice you have a computerised embroidery machine….I shall be very interested in what you do with it in your very innovative ways of working.

    My workshop is a pile of boxes and not much space as we hope to move to Suffolk, but my theory is when you have a new workshop as soon as you put anything in it shrinks, huh huh!

    Happy stitching

  • August 4, 2018 at 12:59 am

    Hello: I have purchased both the 1st and the 2nd WOW books and have been really delayed in getting started. Can you please tell me how I find the key word(s) to get into the Facebook page?

    • August 4, 2018 at 8:01 am

      Hi Judith. Password info is in the book. WOWbook1: The last word on page 28 for the password. WOWbook 2: The last word on page 36.You’ll find the information on password location in the books.

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